Your own integration marketplace
...when ready made software isn't enough.

  • Let users of various services become your customers
  • Speed up onboarding of your customers
  • Get a scalable solution to integrate your customers' system

Evolution of getting B2B software customers

The key parameter for enterprises while purchasing software is its integrability into their processes. This is the evolution of integrations:

Leave it up to the customer

Your software comes with an interface and it is up to the customer to manage the integration. He has to solve the technical issues. In the eyes of your customers, the costs of your software increases by thousands of dollars.

Offer help

Your software comes with an interface and you help your customer with the integration process, either by offering your capacities or your partners’. All costs are carried by your customer.

Provide a solution

Your software comes with ready-to-use connections to your customers’ applications. The connection configuration is a question of minutes and in case of special requirements, the connections can be easily modified. The costs are shared among all customers!

The evolution of integrations leads to faster customer acquisition, reduces costs and opens up new opportunities. Do you want to evolve your software sales?

Benefits of your own integration marketplace

With Applinth the integrations become part of your service.

  • Faster onboarding

Your customers do not register, do not search for a way to create the link, nor do they deal with a complicated configuration. They just choose the integration and authorize the connection.

  • No limits

The synchronization is in real time or in the order of minutes. There are no limits regarding data traffic. Everything is prepared to fulfill your customers’ needs.

  • Reduce costs

You yourself define the pricing for your customers. Unlike the other integration platforms, our low fees give you a potential for a brand new revenue stream and a competitive advantage.

  • Applinth as a service

Don’t worry about maintaining all the integrations yourself, leave it up to us and our cloud. We guarantee availability and 24/7 support.

New client integration using Applinth


Insert the integration marketplace link in your app or portal. In the majority of cases the customer can install the integration without any further assistence.

How do I get my own marketplace?

  • Tell us what services you need to connect.
  • Together, we will take a look at the interface of your service.
    If you don’t have it, we can help you design and build one.
  • We will prepare a detailed offer and an implementation time plan.
  • We will prepare the branding and configuration of your new marketplace along with authentication of your customers.
  • In a test environment we will gradually build and test the required integrations.
  • We will deploy the prepared marketplace into your infrastructure or our cloud.
  • We will provide our full support and deal with all future requests.

What is Applinth?

Integration service

Scalable turn-key integration solution. Offers both batch and real-time data transfer.

Customizable marketplace

User interface for selection and configuration of data transfer.

Integration service

  • Enables two-way communication and data transformation
  • Designed for custom-built integrations for your application
  • Deployed integrations can be used by all your customers after a simple configuration
  • The integration service is scalable and ready to handle high-performance requirements of data streams
  • You can run Applinth on-premise or have it hosted as a service in the cloud


The integration process as simple as possible


Marketplace enables an easy way of connection configuration by your customers or staff.

The design is fully customizable according to your requirements. Using a JS library, you can even have the marketplace directly in your app.


Although Applinth comes with a lot of pre-built connectors, new ones can be added upon request. You can even build your own!

And many more...

Our Services


Let’s find the best solution for your problem, together.


Our team will provide you with a customized solution according to your requirements.


We are only a ticket, e-mail or phone call away.


We will ensure smooth operation of the product along with updates and custom modifications for your customers.

We will help you acquire new customers for your software

Let's talk personally!

Every integration case is specific. Direct communication will save your time. This way you will quickly find out how we can help you.

  • Free consultation
  • Custom offer just for you
  • Together we will propose a time plan and next steps
  • We will ensure the implementation team
  • Choose the support plan you like the most
  • We can train your IT team

Why choose Applinth?

We are a development studio focusing on data integration and migration for almost 10 years. Our products were developed on strong foundations - knowledge of client needs and experience with implementation of multiple large-scale integration projects both in start-up and enterprise environments.

We consider data integration to be a key discipline in software development for years to come. Through Applinth, we are happy to provide our know-how to other software companies to help them distribute their products and services.

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